Objects of Urban Vision Enterprise


Urban Vision Enterprise CIC is a registered community interest company (No 7690116) with the following objects:


1.    Inclusive, High Quality and Sustainable Development.

To promote, support and deliver effective, inclusive and sustainable economic and physical  development and regeneration, using high quality built environment design for the benefit of local communities, taking account of diverse needs.

This will be achieved by:

  • Developing and delivering design-led and heritage-led regeneration projects;
  • Providing enabling support to public bodies and community organisation involved in developing and delivering built environment projects;
  • Providing expert advice and services to create high quality design in new buildings, places, public spaces and the public realm;
  • Providing expert advice and services in respect of the use and conservation of historic buildings, structures and places.


2.     Skills and Informed Decision-Making.

To improve the skills and knowledge of professionals, elected representatives and others involved in decisions or developments affecting local communities with respect to architecture, heritage conservation, public art, sustainable development, spatial planning and urban design.

This will be achieved by:

  • Developing and delivering training programmes and events, including conferences, creative workshops, seminars, talks and visits.
  • Contributing to and participating in conferences and events arranged by others.


3.      Community Empowerment.

To empower local communities to influence the future development of their neighbourhoods.

This will be achieved by:

  • Providing education and capacity building to raise the awareness and knowledge of local communities with regard to built environment design quality, heritage conservation, planning, regeneration, decision making processes and other environmental matters;
  • Undertaking effective and inclusive programmes of community engagement and consultation;
  • Providing advice and support to organisations undertaking community engagement and consultation initiatives;
  • Giving enabling support to local community groups involved in built environment projects.

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