Types of Review and Scale of Fees


The Urban Vision Design Review Service includes a site visit for every review done by the Panel.  This ensures that before making comments and giving advice the Panel is aware of the physical context of each development proposal it considers.  As a result the Panel’s advice is informed, relevant and up-to-date. 

The Panel’s comments and recommendations are summarized in a written report which is issued within ten working days of the Panel meeting.  The report is sent to the architect, client or developer.

Design review involves convening a panel of four or five expert professionals, so there is a set-up cost for the first review but the cost of a second and a third review on the same day can be reduced, because the set-up cost can be shared.  Our design review charges reflect that as follows:

Full Panel

1/2 day x 1 scheme - £2,600 plus VAT

1/2 day x 2 schemes - £3,200 plus VAT (£1,600 for each scheme)

Full day x 1 scheme - £4,000 plus VAT 

Full day x 2 schemes - £5,000 plus VAT (£2,500 for each scheme)

Urban Vision does offer a more cost-effective option for schemes which are of modest scale and do not have special complexities: the "Panel of 2" option.  This is only available for the more straightforward cases and involves 2, rather than 4 or 5 panel members.  All other aspects are the same. 

Schemes suitable for a Panel of 2 include proposals involving a single building that has previously been to a full panel, where there are no special policy considerations, such as conservation area designation.

Panel of 2

Desktop Review - £900 plus VAT

These prices are correct for any schemes considered from the 1st January 2019.  Please contact the office for further details. 


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