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Urban Vision Design Review Service

Urban Vision North Staffordshire has been delivering a design review service since 2004. By focusing on the North Staffordshire area we are able to offer a truly local service which means our design review advice is always informed, relevant and realistic.

The Urban Vision Design Review Service was established using the model created by Design Council CABE (the Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment) and is based on Design Council CABE’s Ten Principles of Design Review.  In fact Urban Vision provides an enhanced design review service by carrying out a site visit for each case reviewed.

Our Panel Members are drawn from the Urban Vision Expert Panel, a group of experienced built environment professionals selected for their range of skills, depth of knowledge and creative understanding of practical problems.

Urban Vision’s design review service is managed by professionally qualified personnel with practical experience of built environment design and local authority planning procedures.

We have a scale of fees for the various types of review that we offer.

Why use design review?

Design review provides constructive advice to architects and developers at a formative stage in the design of a development proposal.  The purpose of design review is to improve the way the built environment works, looks and is experienced by users and occupiers.

Design review advice  

  • Helps improve the quality and the functionality of development proposals

  • Helps development proposals to move more smoothly through the planning process

  • Provides a way of testing design ideas and developing concepts with robust, supportive criticism

  • Helps resolve contentious design issues with thoughtful and creative input

  • Saves time by anticipating problems and providing alternative solutions

Design review is impartial – any potential conflicts of interest are avoided in the selection of panel members and any previous involvements are declared and recorded. 

Good design does not have to cost more.  In fact design review advice can help reduce costs, for example by simplifying a proposal or by resolving areas of conflict before they become built-in.

More information

To find out more about the Urban Vision Design Review Service click on the images or headings below.

Contact us at or telephone 01538 386221 to discuss how we can help you or to arrange a meeting of our design review panel.

Urban Vision Expert Panel

Our panel of expert professionals who support us in our work and who make up the Urban Vision Design Review Panel.

Types of review and scale of fees

The various kinds of design review which Urban Vision offers and their costs.

The Ten Principles of Design Review

Urban Vision's Design Review Service operates in accordance with the ten principles set out by Design Council CABE.

Getting the best out of design review

How design review works and how to make best use of it

Raising The Bar

A report summarising Urban Vision's past design review work.


Urban Vision Design Review Service brochure

A brochure summarising our Design Review Service.

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